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Mondeor Eco School began in 2007 with one learner and one teacher. There are now more than 350 learners and more than 70 staff! With our first decade behind us, we set our sights on new targets. Instead of explosive growth, we want to recommit to sustainability, responsibility and community. With this in mind, we are rooted in our values and the things that have made our school what it is today. Our efforts are aimed at being recognised as an institution and having a presence in the community. We hope this website expresses our renewed vision for the future, and what we can offer as an institution.


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Whole learner

The school was founded on the philosophy that schools, instead of treating children as only minds for learning, should treat children as young people with physical and emotional facets as well. We emphasise teaching the whole person, with their own backgrounds, personalities and experiences.
We believe that one learns by mapping new knowledge onto one’s experiences. By treating learners as people with individual experiences and ways of making sense of things, we can help them tap into their learning ability more effectively. This is a leading factor in our decision to limit class sizes. Our status as an independent school, with small classes and green outdoors, allows us to give our children a safe place to grow and learn.


Eco - school

We are part of Nature Connect which is a Sustainable School Program for all schools (online and offline) that was developed to support environmental learning in the classroom.  The program is aimed at creating awareness and action around environmental sustainability in schools and their surrounding communities as well as supporting Education for Sustainable Development in the national curriculum.
Eco becomes the basis of our daily teaching and learning by constantly being aware of our four focus areas for the year, Biodiversity NetworksProduction, Consumption and Waste, Marine & Coast and Community and Social Responsibility.
Eco teams are appointed per school to encourage whole school involvement: Each school has one or two teachers who form part of our Eco-Committee which meets every Friday morning to discuss the next week’s happenings. Each school has their own eco club (Eco Warriors) which consists of learners who meet on a more regular basis. Each Eco-Committee member is responsible to share and implement information / projects with the eco-club members of their school. Together information and projects are shared to the rest of the learners in our school and parents and community. Educational outings form part of Eco projects and are CAPS aligned.
All grades will have one per term.


To develop a generation of environmental leaders through project-based learning and community service to foster and inspire best practice and emphasize the importance of creating a sustainable future.


Eco will be integrated into our daily teaching and learning in a safe environment by creating different ecosystems; and caring for our natural resources by reducing environmental impact.